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So I'm Pretty Stupid[edit]

I just found out about this site last night (September 19, 2006)and I'm going to try to come up with some funny stuff to put here but until I get ungrounded on the 28th you get me ranting. I'm not a very funny person so . . . actually I don't know why I'm even doing this. I can put a joke in here for now. I suppose it's funny enough.


Two muffins are in an oven. The one muffin looks at the other and says, "Geeze! It's hot in here!" The other says, "Holy crap! A talking muffin!"
(Insert grumblings about my crappy muffin joke here)


I guess for now I can put a bit about me, Val. This is the uncyclopedia page on Val. I'm pretty much about the biggest loser you can find. People in my grade want nothing to do with me, so at school I'm alone, unless my younger friends are around. Yepp . . .
They rock my socks. You should check out theri site by clicking

I play about 13 instruments now and I play to go to college to be a music teacher. Yah for me! Wasting my life away teacher kids how to use a skill they won't appreciate or even think about after they graduate! I'm kind of over the "you can make a difference in the word" deal.

I have tons of friends who are younger than I am. Lin, Bri, Hope, Ray, Balls, Brenton, Clay, Erin, Annika, Steffen, Jake, Kelly, #7, Steve, and lots more that I probably forgot but those are the best of the bunch! Oh yeah and my best friend is Chuck Norris (haha I had to mention his name somewhere in this!)

One time I licked the floor in the band room it was gross. . .