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YOU HAVE B33N PWNT!!!!!111!1one!!1!!

No, seriously, you have been blocked by Sir $1 of Uncyclopædia. Why? Well, we interviewed Sir $1 to find out why. In the top-secret Uncyclomedia HQ, Florida, Sir $1 told us why you were blocked:


However, Sir $1 may have just blocked you for the sake of it. Depends what mood they were in.

If you must, you can contact Sir $1 or another admin to discuss the block. Then again, they have to deal with soooooooo many users that they probably don't give a damn. If you're lucky, then they might care, but ONLY if a valid eMail address is specified in your account preferences. Otherwise, even if your life depends on it, you CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use the "email this user feature".

Your current IP address is $3. Please include this in any queries, in the unlikely case that Sir $1 or any other admin will care.

Yours not-so sincerely,
Ichabod Peter Freelie
I. P. Freely, CEO of the Uncyclomedia Foundation.